Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Please give us an interview already!!!

So after our application was "approved" we had to fill out an Affidavit of Support and Immigration Visa Application (along with "supporting documents") and had to shell out another ~$400 to have the National Visa Agency say that we need to wait 60 days (That's double the normal time) for them to process the documents and send them back to Taiwan.

First with the Affidavit of Support (AOS) I had to prove that Albert would not be depending on the US government's money to live. If you knew how much money he makes then you would know that wouldn't be a problem. However, I could not use his salary to prove this because the application states that he has to continue the same job in America. Well, he can't very well do a job in Taiwan in America. Then my salary doesn't count because I earned the money outside of America. Lots of little picky rules that make it hard for an honest couple to get a green card. I had to call the National Visa Center many times for help and questions but had to wait an average of 40 minutes per call before I could get an answer. Then the people on the line could not answer my questions directly.

After that nightmare Albert had to fill out an online application stating, among other things, how many times and where and for how long he has been in America, and all of his jobs since he was 16. A little ridiculous don't you think?

So anyways we sent everything in and the 30 day mark would be December 26, if the National Visa Center doesn't take it's time. Of course I don't expect it to be during the Christmas vacation. So hopefully after New Years we'll get an interview date. If not, the 60 day mark is in February.

So my Christmas letter to Santa this year is for an interview in January and of course to get the green card, finally. It's been a long and confusing journey through the paperwork... Oh, and expensive, let's not forget that! Although it's been frustrating at times, we haven't hit any big setbacks yet. We both can't wait for it to be over so we can finally move back to America!

From our trip to Macau this fall

PS- We've been married for a year already! So grateful! :)