Friday, July 31, 2015

Thank you, New York! You were very nice!

We were able to enter the States very easily and courteously in mid-June. We went together in the non-citizen line and Albert informed me later that it was the easiest time he's ever had with customs. Maybe because I was there? I'm very intimidating you know! JK!

We explained our situation to the customs officer and handed her our papers. She was very quiet and besides asking us when we got married she gave us the silent treatment. A couple minutes later she stamped our passports and we got in!

Finally, a few days ago we received the actual green card in the mail.

So now that this process is done I'm very relieved. We just need to live in the US for three years and then he can apply for citizenship. Then he'll get to take a test about government that I bet most Americans couldn't pass. I know I would get quite a few wrong if I took it now.