Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Our Application Has Been "COMPLETED!"

I just called the National Visa Center, expecting to be told again that they haven't even started to look at our documents, when the lady I talked to told me that our case was "completed" last week. This means that all of the documents need to be sent to the American consulate in Taiwan and we will have an interview with them, where they will decided whether we get the green card or not.

There's some confusion as to whether we schedule the interview with AIT after the documents get sent back to us, or the National Visa Center sends the documents after they themselves schedule the interview. The latter seems a little illogical because they don't know our or AIT's schedule. Wouldn't it be easier for AIT to schedule the interview of we ourselves are not allowed?

Oh well! The important thing is FINALLY after 1 year and 1 month our case is eligible for an interview. We just have to wait until then.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Who's Twiddling Their Thumbs?

So my Christmas wish did not come true. No interview yet and it's March already.

There was a little fiasco with our Affidavit of Support because the number I filled in for my income did not match my tax records. Instead of $0, I needed to put $12. Oh, and my income from teaching here in Taiwan does not count because it's made abroad. That's why it's so little. Otherwise I could guarantee that I could sponsor Albert much easier. Again though, he doesn't need my financial support- he makes much more than I do.

Also, I had to get a "HARD COPY" of my tax return form, not a printed copy. The funny thing was I filled out my taxes online so there is no such thing as a hard copy. Therefore I had to write a cover letter stating that and asking for the Visa Center to accept my printout from the IRS website. A little ridiculous much?

Please forgive my frustration. It's been over a year since we filed for a green card (February 2014) and we are told to not expect any news from their end until after March. We resent in our documents for the Affidavit of Support and I just found out from calling them that they haven't even looked at it yet!

I'm praying for some good news soon!