Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Who's Twiddling Their Thumbs?

So my Christmas wish did not come true. No interview yet and it's March already.

There was a little fiasco with our Affidavit of Support because the number I filled in for my income did not match my tax records. Instead of $0, I needed to put $12. Oh, and my income from teaching here in Taiwan does not count because it's made abroad. That's why it's so little. Otherwise I could guarantee that I could sponsor Albert much easier. Again though, he doesn't need my financial support- he makes much more than I do.

Also, I had to get a "HARD COPY" of my tax return form, not a printed copy. The funny thing was I filled out my taxes online so there is no such thing as a hard copy. Therefore I had to write a cover letter stating that and asking for the Visa Center to accept my printout from the IRS website. A little ridiculous much?

Please forgive my frustration. It's been over a year since we filed for a green card (February 2014) and we are told to not expect any news from their end until after March. We resent in our documents for the Affidavit of Support and I just found out from calling them that they haven't even looked at it yet!

I'm praying for some good news soon!

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