Saturday, February 18, 2017

Preparing for Removal of Conditions on Residence

Since we were married less than a year before re-entering the US, Albert need to go through another hurdle to maintain his green card and eventually get citizenship. We need to file I-751 which is a petition to remove conditions on residence. So far the process seems pretty straight-forward. It's our burden to prove that we have a real marriage so we need to gather a plethora of evidence and prepare for a possible interview. Some of that evidence is to get affidavits sworn by at least two people that they believe our marriage is real. That should be easy for us, but it is still a pain to prepare.

I didn't post about our second wedding ceremony we held. This time it was in America so that my family could attend. Here are a few pictures:

Wish us luck on the next step to my husband's citizenship! We are confident that USCIS will see the truth that we are in love and entered our marriage in good faith.

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