Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I paid the US government $50 to tell me that I'm single

So in order to get legally married in Taiwan, as a foreigner, I need good ol' USA to issue a statement proving I'm single and eligible to be married. So we got up way too early Monday morning and went to the American Institute. (There's no embassy because America does not recognize Taiwan as a country. Why is that? Because that would piss China off and America doesn't want to ruin their relationship. Why would it piss China off? Because, although they never conquered or ruled Taiwan before, China claims it as a part of their country...Okay I'm probably getting put on China's hate-list for writing this.)

Anyways, I had to wait an hour for them to certify the document. Before the lady signed it she asked me what the document means and what I'm using it for, and I couldn't stop smiling when I said "So I can get married!!!!"

Fifty dollars poorer, we hustled to a Taiwanese government building to have them certify the document. Guess how much it cost? ~$12.50! Thanks, America! :-P

It shouldn't be that expensive right?

So next Friday, July 12th we're going to the courthouse and going to make it official! :D It's too bad it's not July 4th...that's the opposite of our proposal date (4/7/2013). So I guess that makes our Save the Date for the US wedding then... Next year, July 12th? Or maybe the 4th ;)

I'm so happy! I'll put pictures up of next Friday!

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